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Business Groups - London Serviced Apartments with Short Lettings London

Housing corporate groups is one of our specialities, ranging from as few as 6 guests to upwards of 250 guests. Our serviced apartments are suitable for groups of tourists that are seeking an unforgettable city break in our holiday apartments and business groups temporarily relocating for a London-based project.


Short Lettings London serviced apartments in London are ideal for group stays, above and beyond hotels or leased apartments, since we canmanage a fluctuating number of guests seamlessly. Particularly with large groups, not every guest wants to check in and check out on the same day. With business groups, there may be a few integral members of a project that are needed in London the entire time who require a long let apartment; some colleagues may only need to stay for a few nights, and others may need to travel back and forth from London.

No matter what your group’s situation, Short Lettings London can accommodate it.

The group

A group of 50 guests wishes to stay in London for the duration of a 6-week project in Shoreditch. Each guest wishes to sleep in their own bed; however no guest will be staying for the entire period. 20 guests will be staying for the first 3 weeks, another 20 guests will be staying for the last 3 weeks, and 10 will only be staying for one weekend in the middle of the stay.


Our solution

We can offer a combination of 1 and 2-bedroom serviced apartments at Short Lettings London to accommodate the guests staying for the first three weeks, adding twin bed configurations in each apartment to satisfy the separate bed requirement. This is also incredibly handy if a member of your team departs early, or needs to extend their stay. Furthermore, extra beds can be set up in each apartment for two nights to accommodate the 10 guests staying for a weekend, and then removed once they have departed. The final 20 guests staying for the last three weeks can stay in the same serviced apartment since they are cleaned by housekeeping on a weekly basis (and more frequently if requested).

How can Short Lettings London accommodate your group?
  • We offer spacious serviced apartments rather than just rooms like a hotel
  • Extra beds can be set up in the living area for short stay/unexpected guests
  • A twin bed configuration can be set up in a bedroom for a more affordable group solution
  • Additional options can be set up for just one day or the whole stay
  • One guest can check out from one bedroom and another can check-in
  • The last guest left in an apartment can swap to a smaller one for a great cost saving strategy
  • A range of serviced apartment types including penthouses and executive apartments for VIP guests

To discuss your group stay options with a member of our Sales team, please call us on 0207 377 5001 or email them on